or Stefaan Van hyfte (°1983, Brussels, Schaarbeek)

Illustrator and visual artist coming from Belgium, Brussels.
Graduated at the Sint Lukas Artschool in Brussels, 2011 in Animation and illustration.
Stift loves the walking man in the city and the limelight of itbut belongs to the rough beauty as solitude of nature.
My work embody those tall tales as you might suspect.

Welcome and enjoy...

Contact me for requests at or à la mobile +32473/585046...
sincerely yours...


Detail from my untitled graphic novel (a debut) which I am working on and which I prolongued a too long time. The storyline goes about the comeback of a fallen director who's struggling to make his last film. Its an excessive hommage to the nature of creating and chaos; always hand in hand together.

In memory of my friend Jahn Vincent, a true nature soul (1988-2015)
In loving memory of a true nature soul, Jahn Vincent (1988-2015)
Untitled exhibition at Cultural Centre 'De Meent' (Alsemberg, Belgium) 
  from 12 april 2015 till 8 may 2015

Be welcome at the humble Cultural Centre of Alsemberg 'De Meent' for a little exhibition from work I have grown in my artistic garden for over a decade. Fineliners, pencils, digital puzzle works.,,,
All work can be related as biographical, non-sense, romantic refridgator notes, some sharp anecdotes, poetic warhorses from back in the day,..
I invite you to make those imagery your own for a roll of 36 productions, sketches and illustrations.
The opening begins on the 12th of april, a sunday, after church come along with heathens. 

Titeloze expo Stefaan Van Hyfte  / Expo sans nom Stefaan Van Hyfte CC De Meent (Alsemberg) 
   12/04  -   08/05/2015

Wees welkom in het Cultuur Centrum van Alsemberg 'De Meent' voor een kleine tentoonstelling van werk ik gedurende een kleine decennia heb mogen tekenen met potlood en fineliners.
Biografisch als louter nonsense, romantische koelkast klevers & rake anecdotes, poëtische wildstreken, placebo ideeën van weleer. maak er zelf iets prettig van voor 36 producties, schetsen of illustraties.
Vernissage: 12-04-2015
Soyez le bienvenue à une petite exposition au Centre Culturel d' Alsemberg 'De Meent', qui baignera dans des travaux pittoresques que j’ai pu realiser pendant une petite décennie.
Biographic ou juste non-sens, les autocollants romantiques sur le frigo, les idées en l'air placebo, les gestions sauvages poétiques, Imagenez vous quelque-chose de marant dans 36 productions, croquis et illustrations exposé. Vernissage: 12-04-2015

Gemeenveldstraat 34
1652 Alsemberg/Beersel

Halte de Meent/ Halt de Meent
153 (Anderlecht - Drogenbos - Ninove) /
Halte Winderickxplein (op wandelafstand van CC de Meent):
136 (Alsemberg -Groot-Bijgaarden) / 137 (Alsemberg-Dilbeek) /155 (Halle-Drogenbos-Anderlecht)